Bank Swallow

Riparia riparia

Bank Swallow map

Alderney SG 240 (2004) Detail Belgium new (2019) Detail Bhutan SG 1731b2 (2002) Burkina Faso SG 1206a (1998) Detail Burundi SG 563 (1970) Detail Croatia <<Lastavica bregunica>> new (2019) Detail Guinea <<Hirondelle de rivage>> new (2001) Detail Guyana SG 4509 (1995) Detail Luxembourg <<Hirondelle de rivage>> SG 1367 (1993) Detail Mongolia SG 2450 (1994) Detail Mozambique new (2016) Detail Sierra Leone SG 1152 (1988) Detail Turkmenistan SG 112b (2002) Detail
1 123-33


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