Red-backed Shrike

Lanius collurio

Red-backed Shrike map

Bahrain SG 433 (1992) Detail Belgium <<Grauwe Klauwier/Pie-grieche ecorcheur>> SG 3545 (2000) Detail Burundi new (2016) Detail Congo (Kinshasa) <<Pie-grieche ecorcheur>> SG 1569 (2000) Detail Estonia <<Punaselg-ogija>> SG 620 (2010) Detail Kosovo SG 442b (2019) Detail Kuwait SG 586 (1973) Detail Liechtenstein <<Neuntoter>> SG 1589g (2011) Detail Mongolia SG 2998 (2003) Detail Slovakia SG 325b (1999) Detail Tajikistan SG 247e (2003) Detail Zambia not catalogued (2000) Detail
1 176-3


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