Western Reef-Heron

Egretta gularis

Western Reef-Heron map

Comoro Is new (2009) Detail Djibouti SG 1062 (1991) Detail Fujeira not catalogued (1969) Detail Guinea-Bissau <<Garça preta>> SG 1342 (2001) Detail Liberia SG 563 (1937) Detail Mauritania not catalogued (1994) Detail Saudi Arabia SG 1784 (1992) Detail Senegal <<Aigrette a gorge blanc>> SG 1027 (1989) Detail Sierra Leone SG 4789c (2011) Detail Togo new (2015) Detail Uganda SG 895 (1991) Detail Yemen (YAR) SG 318 (1965) Detail
49 20-23.1


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