Atlantic Puffin

Fratercula arctica

Atlantic Puffin map

As a seabird, the Atlantic Puffin is found on the east coast of the U.S. but nowhere near what is considered Heartland America.
The central land of the U.S. is called Heartland America because it is associated with traditional values and agrarian life.

Alderney SG 73 (1994) Detail Canada <<Macareux moine>> SG 1674 (1996) Detail Faroe Is <<Lundi>> SG 36 (1978) Detail France <<Macareux>> SG 1504 (1960) Detail Gibraltar SG 597 (1988) Detail Great Britain SG 1419 (1989) Detail Guernsey SG 1774 (2019) Detail Iceland <<Lundi>> SG 1252 (2009) Detail Ireland SG 1056 (1997) Detail Isle of Man SG 232 (1983) Detail Jersey SG 784 (1997) Detail Norway <<Lunde>> SG 871 (1981) Detail Portugal <<Papagaio-do-mar>> SG 3082 (2004) Detail Russia SG 4548 (1976) Detail Slovenia SG 837a (2009) Detail St Pierre et Miquelon SG 915 (2002) Detail
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