Philatelic Supplies lists these items for Alderney
Alderney 1994 Black-backed Gull booklet (8 X 24p Gull stamp perf.X imperf.) 8.50
Alderney 1994 Pipit booklet pair (2X25p Rock Pipit stamp perf.X imperf.) 1.90
Alderney 1994 Pipit booklet (8 X 25p Rock Pipit stamp perf.X imperf.) 9.50
Alderney 2000 W.W.F. (6v: Peregrine Falcons; 4 have the WWF logo; A140-5; 4.90
Alderney 2000 W.W.F. (6v: Per. Falcons; on local illustrated First Day Cover 5.90
Alderney 2000 W.W.F. (4v: W.W.F. Per. Falcons; on four illustrated First Day Covers 5.75
Alderney 2000 W.W.F. (20v two booklets): Peregrine Falcons 12.50
Alderney 2002 Raptors (6v): Merlin; Hobby; Black Kite; Marsh Harrier; SG185-90 5.70
Alderney 2003 Migratory B. (6v): Arctic Sandwich Terns; Great & Arctic Skuas; SGA210-5 5.45
Alderney 2003 Migratory (6v shtlt) MS216: above designs; Manx Shearwater; Terns 5.25
Alderney 2008 Prey(6v):Sparrowhawk;Long-eared/Barn Owls;Buzzard;Kestrel;SG336-41; 6.90
Alderney 2008 Birds of Prey booklet various panes of above stamps SG336a-41a 27.50
Alderney 2009 Waders(6v):Ruddy Turnstone;Eur.Curlew/Oystercatcher;Dunlin;SG363-8; 6.95
Alderney 2009 Waders - Turnstone;Ring Plover etc.booklet various panes of above; 27.95
Alderney 2011 Birds (6v):Gull;Woodcock;Shelduck;Firecrest;L.Grebe;Shear;SGA422-7 6.45
Alderney 2011 B.(6v shtlt)MSA428:Woodcock;Shelduck;Firecrest;Balearic Shearwater 6.50
Alderney 2015 Flamingo (1v from Alice in Wonderland issue): SG438 1.25
Alderney 2016 Meadow Pipit from Longis Nature Reserve issue below (1v) SG570 1.50
Alderney 2016 Longis Nature Reserve (6v): Meadow Pipit;Fritillary;Shrew;SG567-72 6.90
Alderney 2016 Longis Nature R. (6v shtlt)MS573: designs as above; flora/fauna 6.95
List dated 7Dec18
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