Philatelic Supplies lists these items for Central African Republic
Central Af.Rep. 2011 Owls(4v shtlt):Pel's Fishing;Tawny;African Grass;Ural;Michel#3015-8 8.90
Central Af.Rep. 2011 Owls Hume's Tawny Owl (or Pel'sF/Ural) souvenir sheet Michel#3030 8.95
Central Af.Rep. 2011 Kingfishers (4v shtlt): Pied; Giant K.; Eur.Bee-Eater! Michel#3003-6 8.80
Central Af.Rep. 2011 Kingfishers SS: Giant Kingfisher souvenir sheet Michel#3027 8.85
Central Af.Rep. 2011 Raptors(4v shtlt):Bateleur;Augur Buzzard;Tawny Fish Eagle; Mi#3011-4 7.95
Central Af.Rep. 2011 Raptors SS: Tawny and Steppe Eagles souvenir sheet Michel#3029 7.50
Central Af.Rep. 2011 Parrots (4v shtlt): Senegal; Grey; and Ruppell's Parrots; Mi#3023-6 7.90
Central Af.Rep. 2011 Parrots SS: Senegal and Red-fronted P. souvenir sheet Michel#3032 7.45
Central Af.Rep. 2011 Congo Peacocks (4v shtlt):Afroparvo congensis Michel#3007-10 8.45
Central Af.Rep. 2011 Congo Peacocks SS: Afroparvo congensis souvenir sheet Michel#3028 8.25
Central Af.Rep. 2011 Owls(4v shtlt):Marsh;Madagascar;Spotted Eagle;Short-eared;Mi#3019-22 8.40
Central Af.Rep. 2011 Owls SS: Short-eared Owl souvenir sheet Michel#3031 8.20
Central Af.Rep. 2012 Owls(4v shtlt): Long & Short-eared;Northern;Barred Owls; Mi#3632-5 11.80
Central Af.Rep. 2012 Owls SS: Short-eared Owl souvenir sheet; Michel#3636 9.30
Central Af.Rep. 2012 Parrots(4v shtlt):Meyer's;Grey+Jardine P;Rose-ringed Para;Mi#3667-70 11.90
Central Af.Rep. 2013 S.Wilson(4v shtlt; Eskimo Curlew; Passenger Pigeon; Michel#3987-90 9.90
Central Af.Rep. 2013 220th Ann.Disappearance Wilson SS: Long-eared Owl souv/sheet;Mi#3991 9.40
Central Af.Rep. 2013 B.Prey(4v shtlt)Snowy/Little Owls;S.Crest Caracara;Buzzrd;Mi#4246-9 10.90
Central Af.Rep. 2013 Birds Prey SS: Long-eared Owl souvenir sheet Michel#4250 9.80
Central Af.Rep. 2013 Rijksmuseum (4v shtlt; one has several birds; Pelican; Merganser; Eurasian Teal & Wigeon; Pintail; S.Cassoawary; Michel#4296-9 10.90
Central Af.Rep. 2013 Seabirds SS: Sooty Tern souvenir sheet Michel#4320 10.85
Central Af.Rep. 2013 Parrots (4v shtlt): Pileated P; Grey;Mealy;Orange-winged;Mi#4440-3 14.95
Central Af.Rep. 2013 Parrots SS: Yellow-billed Parrot souvenir sheet Michel#4444 10.15
Central Af.Rep. 2014 Violet-ear Hummingbirds(4v shtlt):Brown;Green;Sparkling; Mi#4635-8 12.95
Central Af.Rep. 2014 Green Violet-ear Hummingbird SS: souvenir sheet; Michel#4639 9.97
Central Af.Rep. 2014 Peacocks (4v shtlt): Indian Peafowl & Green Peacock; Michel#4640-3 10.30
Central Af.Rep. 2014 Peacocks SS: Indian Peafowl souvenir sheet; Michel#4644 9.95
Central Af.Rep. 2014 Owls (4v shtlt): W.Barn; Little; Snowy; Long-eared; Michel#4645-8 10.35
Central Af.Rep. 2014 Owls SS: Great Horned Owl souvenir sheet Michel#4649 9.30
Central Af.Rep. 2014 B.of Prey (4v shtlt): Red-foot Falcon;Osprey;Af.Grass Owl Mi#4650-3 10.28
Central Af.Rep. 2014 Birds of Prey SS: Crowned Eagle souvenir sheet; Michel#4654 9.92
Central Af.Rep. 2014 Seabirds SS: Pink-backed Pelican souvenir sheet; Michel#4704 10.22
Central Af.Rep. 2014 Eagles(4v shtlt):White-belly+Steller's Sea;Martial;Golden;Mi#4705-8 12.75
Central Af.Rep. 2014 Eagles SS: Bald Eagle souvenir sheet Michel#4709 10.20
Central Af.Rep. 2014 John Hanning Speke SS: Hoopoe souvenir sheet 9.50
Central Af.Rep. 2014 B.Prey(4v shtlt)Harris' Hawk;Bald;Martial Eagles;Bateleur;Mi#5010-3 10.60
Central Af.Rep. 2014 Parrots (4v shtlt):Grey P;Rainbow Lorikeet;East Rosella;Mi#5085-8 12.60
Central Af.Rep. 2014 Parrots SS: Scarlet Macaw souvenir sheet; Michel#5089 10.55
Central Af.Rep. 2014 Owls (4v shtlt): Gt.Horned; Spotted; Snowy & Little Owls;Mi#5090-3 12.70
Central Af.Rep. 2014 Owls SS: Eastern Screech Owl souvenir sheet; Mi#5094 10.65
Central Af.Rep. 2014 Bee-Eaters (4v shtlt): Somali; Green; Blue-breasted; Michel#5120-3 12.58
Central Af.Rep. 2014 Bee-Eaters SS: Northern Carmine Bee-Eater souvenir sheet Mi#5124 9.56
Central Af.Rep. 2014 Kingfishers SS: Common Kingfisher souvenir sheet; Michel#5189 10.57
Central Af.Rep. 2015 Ducks (4v shtlt): Wood D.; Mallard; Greenwing Teal; Michel#5375-8 10.50
Central Af.Rep. 2015 Gulls(4v shtlt):Heermann's;Slender-bill;Kelp;Black-head Mi#5425-8 12.25
Central Af.Rep. 2015 Gull SS: Dolphin Gull souvenir sheet; Michel#5429 10.50
Central Af.Rep. 2015 Duck SS: Mallard souvenir sheet; Michel#5379 9.25
Central Af.Rep. 2015 Prey(4v shtlt)Marshall Eagle;Hen Harrier;Jackal Buzzard;Mi#5430-3 12.40
Central Af.Rep. 2015 Bird of Prey SS: African Fish Eagle souvenir sheet; Michel#5434 10.50
Central Af.Rep. 2015 Trop. Birds (4v shtlt):Aussie Zebra Finch;Tucuman Amazon;Mi#5370-3 10.50
Central Af.Rep. 2015 Tropical Bird SS:Broad-billed Hummingbird souvenir sheet; Mi#5374 9.75
Central Af.Rep. 2015 Owls(4v shtlt): Northern Hawk; Boreal;Short-eared;Snowy;Mi#5435-8 12.20
Central Af.Rep. 2015 Owl SS: Great Horned Owl souvenir sheet Michel#5439 9.75
Central Af.Rep. 2015 Owls(4v shtlt):Af.Wood;Sjostedt's Barred Owlet;E.Grass;W.Barn Owls 12.50
Central Af.Rep. 2015 Owls SS: Verreaux's Eagle Owl souvenir sheet Michel#5425 9.90
Central Af.Rep. 2015 Owls (4v shtlt):Eagle-Owl;Snowy;Verreaux's Eagle;Barred;Mi#5855-8 11.15
Central Af.Rep. 2015 Owl SS: Barn Owl souvenir sheet Michel#5859 9.90
Central Af.Rep. 2015 H'birds(4v shtlt):Marvellous Spatuletail;Tufted Coquette;Mi#5906-9 13.30
Central Af.Rep. 2015 Hummingbird SS: Ruby-throated Hummingbird souvenir sheet Mi#5910 11.25
Central Af.Rep. 2015 Parrots(4v shtlt):Blue/Yellow;Red/;Blue-throat Macaws Mi#5915-8 12.55
Central Af.Rep. 2015 Parrots SS: African Grey souvenir sheet Michel#5919 10.65
Central Af.Rep. 2015 Audubon (4v shtlt): Roseate Spoonbill; Pheasants 13.30
Central Af.Rep. 2015 Audubon SS: Blue Jay souvenir sheet 11.25
Central Af.Rep. 2016 Alex Wilson (4v shtlt):Chipping Sparrow; Lewis' Woodpecker; W.Tanager; American (Brown) Treecreeper; Ruby-crowned Kinglet; Michel#6235-8 10.95
Central Af.Rep. 2016 Alex Wilson SS:Painted Bunting;Prothonotary Warbler s/sheet Mi#6239 9.90
Central Af.Rep. 2016 Owls(4v shtlt): Snowy; W.Barn; Little;Eurasian Eagle;Michel#6295-8 12.95
Central Af.Rep. 2016 Parrots (4v shtlt): Blue-throated & Scarlet Macaws; Eastern Rosella; Rose-ringed Parakeet; Michel#6300-3 10.95
Central Af.Rep. 2016 Parrot SS: Blue/yellow Macaw souvenir sheet Michel#6304 9.80
Central Af.Rep. 2016 Birds of Prey (4v shtlt): Snowy; Brown Fish Owls;Short-toed Snake Eagle; Greater Kestrel; Michel#6600-3 10.90
Central Af.Rep. 2016 Birds of Prey SS: Eurasian Pygmy Owl souvenir sheet Michel#6604 9.80
Central Af.Rep. 2016 Kingfishers (4v shtlt): Lilac; Red-backed; Brown-wingedMadagascan Pygmy Kingfishers; Michel#6610-3 10.90
Central Af.Rep. 2016 Kingfishers SS: Rufous collared souvenir sheet; Michel#6614 9.80
Central Af.Rep. 2016 Owls(4v shtlt)Eastern Screech;W.Barn;Eurasian Eagle;North Saw-whet 13.25
Central Af.Rep. 2016 Owl SS: Short-eared Owl souvenir sheet Michel#6644 10.95
Central Af.Rep. 2017 Owls (4v shtlt): Boreal; Ural; Rufous fishing owls; Michel#6745-8 11.90
Central Af.Rep. 2017 Owl SS: Spotted Owl souvenir sheet; Michel#6749 11.95
Central Af.Rep. 2017 Parrots (4v shtlt): Plum-headed Parakeet; Crimson RosellaHyacinth Macaw; Michel#6755-8 11.90
Central Af.Rep. 2017 Parrots SS: Burrowing Parrot souvenir sheet Michel#6759 11.95
List dated 7/1/19
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