Philatelic Supplies lists these items for Colombia
Colombia 2001 Nat.Parks (1v): Ornate Hawk-Eagle; Red/Green Macaws; Screamer; SG2236 2.95
Colombia 2009 La Guahira(12v shtlt):2 birds;Car.Flamingo;Vermilion Cardinal;SG2564-75 27.50
Colombia 2010 Birds (9v shtlt)MS2648:Yellow-eared & Indigo-winged P.; Antpitta; Black Inca;Blue-billed Curassow;Rail;Tanager;Hummingbird; Red-bellied Grackle 26.95
Colombia 2010 Shanghai (birds) MS2649: Scarlet Macaw souvenir sheet 8.50
Colombia 2011 Valle Cauca(6v shtlt): Neotropic and Olivaceous Cormorants; Great Blue Herons; Nazca and Blue-faced Boobies; SG2704-9 29.50
Colombia 2011 Biodiversity MS2717: Cloudforest Pygmy Owl (+ Jaguar) souvenir sheet 9.75
Colombia 2011 Northern Santander(12v shtlt):incl.birds vignettes;labels of SG2723-34 39.50
Colombia 2016 Quindio Dept. Black & Chestnut Hawk & tree (2v) 2.95
Colombia 2016 Quindio Dept. Black & Chestnut Hawk & tree (2v shtlt) 13.90
List dated Nov 2017
Prices in GB Pounds

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