Philatelic Supplies lists these items for Cook Islands
Cook Is. 2007 Parrot - Wildlife definitive $15 (1v): Blue Lorikeet; SG1536 22.50
Cook Is. 2011 Wetlands (4v): one bird - Bristle-thighed Curlew; SG1627-30 4.90
Cook Is. 2014 W.W.F. Spotless Crake (4v strip): Porzana tabuensis; SG1808-11 6.75
Cook Is. 2014 W.W.F. Spotless Crake (4v): as above but with WHITE BORDERS 7.95
Cook Is. 2014 W.W.F. Spotless Crake MS1812: different souvenir sheet 8.90
Cook Is. 2017 W.W.F. surcharges on W.W.F. Spotless Crakes (originally issued in 2014) (6v): overprinted $0.50 X 3v and $1.00 X 3v; SG1915-20 6.90
Cook Is. 2017 W.W.F. Bristle-thighed Curlew (4v): white borders; SG1927-30 9.25
Cook Is. 2017 W.W.F. Curlew (8v shtlt)MS1931: as above but coloured borders 18.60
Cook Is. 2018 Birdpex (2v): Short-tailed & Tropical Shearwaters 8.35
List dated Nov 2018
Prices in GB Pounds

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