Philatelic Supplies lists these items for Djibouti
Djibouti 2015 Starlings(4v shtlt):Common;Fischer's;White-shouldered;Yellow-faced Myna 10.75
Djibouti 2015 Starlings SS: Hildebrandt's Starling souvenir sheet Michel#858 9.90
Djibouti 2015 Songbirds(4v shtlt):Golden-breasted Fulvetta;Abyss.Catbird; Mi#859-62 10.75
Djibouti 2015 Songbirds SS: Fire-tailed Myzomis souvenir sheet Michel#863 9.90
Djibouti 2015 Sunbirds (4v shtlt): Tacazze; Crimson-backed;Crimson;Malachite Mi#864-7 10.75
Djibouti 2015 Sunbirds SS: Southern Double-collared souvenir sheet Michel#868 9.90
Djibouti 2016 Owls (4v shtlt): Eastern Screech; Spectacled; Barred Eagle-Owl; Mi#874-7 10.85
Djibouti 2016 Owls SS: Grey Grey Owl souvenir sheet Michel#878 9.85
Djibouti 2016 Parrots(4v shtlt):Carolina Parakeet;Rainbow Lorikeet;Eclectus Mi#879-82 10.90
Djibouti 2016 African Grey Parrot souvenir sheet Michel#883 9.90
Djibouti 2016 Kingfishers (4v shtlt): Malachite;White-throated;Common;Dwarf Oriental 12.40
Djibouti 2016 Kingfisher SS: Common Kingfisher souvenir sheet 11.75
Djibouti 2016 W.W.F. Vultures (4v) singles taken from the sets of 4 sheetlets 12.20
Djibouti 2016 W.W.F. Vultures (4v shtlt): four different stamps 11.95
Djibouti 2016 Birds of Prey (4v shtlt): Eura. Pygmy Owl;E.Chanting Goshawk; Yvert# 12.70
Djibouti 2016 Pigeons (4v shtlt): Common Wood; Rock Dove; White Crowned; Papuan Mountain (Gymnonophaps albertisii); Yvert#122 12.50
List dated October 2018
Prices in GB Pounds

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