Philatelic Supplies lists these items for Egypt
Egypt 1996 Flock of Birds - pharaonic scene (Post Day (2v): SG1977-8 1.50
Egypt 1997 (2000) Golden Statue of Goddess Silakht with bird on head (1v): SG2020a 0.60
Egypt 2001 B.(4v): Macaw; W.Gull;Blue-grey Tanager;Nutcracker;SG2223-6;fine used 1.75
Egypt 2002 Blue Heron (2;000B.C.) MS2228: World Post Day souvenir sheet 2.50
Egypt 2004 House Finch (1 value): Carpodacus mexicanus; SG2376 0.40
Egypt 2008 Environment Day (2v): stylized lungs; + very small storks(?) SG2490-1 1.75
Egypt 2014 Birds (6v block): Hoopoe; Sooty Falcon; Laughing Dove; Golden Oriole; European Roller & Bee-Eater; SG2644-9 4.40
Egypt 2016 Giza Zoo Zoological Gardens (8v shtlt)MS2701: Eastern White Pelicans; (+ Tiger; Crocodile; Giraffe; Lion; Elephant; Hippopotamus) 7.90
List dated Nov 2018
Prices in GB Pounds

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