Philatelic Supplies lists these items for Falkland Islands
Falklands 2002 W.W.F.Penguins (4v): Magellanic; Macaroni; Rock; Gentoo; SG937-40 3.95
Falklands 2002 W.W.F.Penguins (16v shtlt):as above but 4 sets; Magellanic; 4 x SG937-40 15.80
Falklands 2003 Rockhopper Penguin definitive self-adhesive (1v) SG966; Cat.£2.00 0.95
Falklands 2003 Rockhopper Penguin defin. self-adhesive booklet (8 X above SG966)Cat.£16 7.50
Falklands 2003 Black-browed Albatross (5v shtlt) MS971; Cat.£16.00 6.75
Falklands 2004 Conservation (4v): Albatross chick; Rockhopper Penguin; SG985-8; Cat.£15 5.20
Falklands 2004 King Penguin (1v): from Rowland Hill set (1933 5/- stamp on stamp) SG990 2.95
Falklands 2005 Penguins post dues (10v): Magellanic; Gentoo; King; Macaroni; Rockhopper; SGD9-18; Cat.£36.00 23.95
Falklands 2006 Andersen(2v): Black-necked Swan; Chilean Swallow; Mag.Pennguin;SG1030-1 2.90
Falklands 2006 W.W.F. Caracara (4v): Striated Caracara; SG1062-5 5.50
Falklands 2006 W.W.F. Caracara (4v as SG1062-5 but in setenant sheetlets of 16 values) 22.00
Falklands 2009 W.W.F. Cobb's Wren (4v setenant): Troglodytes cobbi; SG1144-7 7.75
Falklands 2012 Gentoo Penguins (1 value): from 30th Anniv. Liberation; SG1221 3.30
Falklands 2012 Nature (4v = 2 setenant pairs): Night Heron; Short-eared Owl; SG1243-6 6.75
Falklands 2013 Predators II(4v):Rockhopper Penguins; Striated caracara; etc. SG1252-5 6.90
Falklands 2013 Colour in Nature (4v): 2 birds; Macaroni Penguin; Crested Duck; SG1273-6 4.95
Falklands 2013 Penguins (6v (with WHITE FRAMES) Southern; Gentoo; Magellanic S.Rockhopper; King and Macaroni; SG1277-82 7.90
Falklands 2013 Penguins(6v shtlt)MS1283:above designs but no frames & coloured border 8.95
Falklands 2014 Predators III (4v): King Penguins; (+ seals; SG1284-7 6.15
Falklands 2014 Colour in Nature III (4v): King Penguin; Black Oystercatcher; SG1296-9 4.50
Falklands 2015 B.& Young (4v): F.Is.Skua;Gentoo P.;Albatross;Pied Oystercatch;SG1308-11 6.20
Falklands 2015 Colour in Nature (4v): Dolphin Gull; Canary-winged Finch; Woolly Ragwort 4.45
Falklands 2016 B.Prey (6v): Barn & Short-eared Owls; Per. Falcon; Southern & Striated Caracaras; Red-backed Hawk; SG1338-43 8.95
Falklands 2016 Shipwrecks (4v): 3 have a multitude of small birds: Rock Shag; Magellan Cormorants; Southern Black-Backed & Kelp Gulls; SG1360-3 6.50
Falklands 2017 Definitives (12v): Blackish Cinclodes; Long-tailed Meadowlark; Correndera Pipit; Canary-winged Finch;Austral Thrush; 2-band Plover; Dark-faced Ground Tyrant; S.Am.Snipe; Cobb's & Sedge Wrens; Dotterel; SG1368-79 26.95
Falklands 2017 Def. bklt stamp - Correndera Pipit(1v):different design to above;SG1380 0.90
Falklands 2017 Correndera Pipit definitive booklet SB14 (SG1380 X 10 self-adhesive) 6.25
Falklands 2018 Predators (4v): Macaroni Penguins on two; S.Sea Lion; Krill; SG1397-1400 6.50
List dated October 2018
Prices in GB Pounds

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