Philatelic Supplies lists these items for Gambia
Gambia 1985 Audubon (4v): Turkey Vulture; American Anhinga; Wood Duck; Heron SG581-4 6.75
Gambia 1985 Audubon MS585: Great Northern Diver (= Common Loon) souvenir sheet 6.50
Gambia 1990 B.(20v shtlt): White-faced Scops Owl; Village Weaver; Brown Snake-eagle; Red Bishop; Afr.Pygmy Goose; Woodland Kingfisher; Eastern White Pelican; Af. Jacana; Hadada Ibis; Variable Sunbird; Carmine Bee-eater;SG1012-31 22.50
Gambia 1995 Waterbirds (16v=12v sheetlet+4v):Ringed Plover; Squacco Heron; Shoveler Pintails; Great Egret; Little Bitterns; Hammerkop; SG1968-83 16.90
Gambia 1995 Waterbirds MS1984: Ferruginous Duck & Moorhen 2 souvenir sheets 11.90
Gambia 1996 Definitives (17v): Narine trogan; Pied Kingfisher; Bataleur; amadina fasciata; Golden Breasted Bunting; Didric Cuckoo; Common Kestrel; Temminck's Courser; Bee-eater; Green-winged Teal; SG2377-93 44.50
Gambia 1998 80th Anniv.R.A.F. MS2953: Eagle; Falcon; Merlin (+3 a/c) 6 souv.sheets 23.95
Gambia 1999 Galapagos Fauna MS3095: Emperor Penguin souvenir sheet 3.65
Gambia 1999 Seabirds MS3219c: California Gull souvenir sheet 3.40
Gambia 2001 PHILANIPPON Ptgs (12v;2 shtlts): Birds & flowers; SG4040-51 9.95
Gambia 2001 Ducks MS4146a/d: Wood Duck; American Wigeon; Baikal Teal and Green-winged Teal; four souvenir sheets 13.25
Gambia 2001 Flowers (16v): just 2 birds Eurasian Hoopoe;European Roller; SG4009-24 15.50
Gambia 2001 Birds MS4169: Canada Goose souvenir sheet 5.90
Gambia 2006 Rembrandt MS4963a: Man with a Falcon souvenir sheet 3.40
Gambia 2006 Penguins (6v shtlt)MS5027: stylized penguins playing musical instruments 4.90
Gambia 2006 Penguins MS5028: stylized penguin souvenir sheet 3.45
Gambia 2011 Parrots (7v: 2 shtlts)MS5431-2: Rose-ringed Parakeet; Masked & Madagascar & Peach-faced Lovebirds; Red-fronted Macaw; Senegal & Meyer's Parrots 14.90
Gambia 2011 Parrots MS5433-4: Fischer's Lovebird; African Grey Parrot souvenir sheets 8.60
Gambia 2011 W.W.F. Yellow-billed Stork (4v setenant): SG5442-5 4.75
Gambia 2011 W.W.F. Yellow-billed Stork (8v in sheetlet of 2 sets) MS5446: 9.50
Gambia 2011 1st Birds (6v shtlt)MS5454: Afr.Grey Parrot;Spot Eagle Owl;Reed Cormorant 6.45
Gambia 2011 1st Birds MS5456: African Grey Hornbill souvenir sheet on reorder
Gambia 2011 2nd Birds (6v shtlt)MS5455: Bald eagle; European Bee-Eater; Keel-billed Toucan; Emperor Penguin; Red-crowned Crane; Australian Pelican 6.50
Gambia 2011 2nd Birds MS5457: Lesser Flamingo souvenir sheet 4.95
Gambia 2013 B. (4v shtlt): Blue-fronted Amazon; Hyacinth Macaw; Scarlet Ibis; Toco Toucan 5.95
Gambia 2014 W.W.F. African Darter (4v): 5.15
Gambia 2014 W.W.F. Darter (8v shtlt): 2 sets above different layout 10.30
Gambia 2014 African Penguins (3v shtlt): Spheniscus demersus 5.80
Gambia 2014 Af.Penguins SS:Spheniscus demersus (full body of the penguin) souv/sheet 5.85
Gambia 2014 African Penguins (4v shtlt): Jackass - Spheniscus demersus 8.20
Gambia 2014 African Penguins SS: Spheniscus demersus (head only) souvenir sheet 5.90
Gambia 2014 B. of Prey (6v: 2 shtlts): Pearl Spotted Owlet; Steppe & Crowned Eagles 13.40
Gambia 2014 National Parks (2v shtlt): Cattle Egret (& elephant; tree 5.90
Gambia 2014 B. of Prey (6v: 2 shtlts): Afr.Scops Owl; Montague's; Harrier; Red Kite 13.50
Gambia 2015 Kingfishers (4v shtlt): Blue-breasted; Malachite; Pied & Striped 9.90
Gambia 2015 Kingfishers SS: Woodland souvenir sheet 7.70
Gambia 2017 National Bird - Hamerkop (4v shtlt): Scopus umbrette 15.80
Gambia 2017 National Bird - Hamerkop (2v shtlt): different designs to above 11.90
List dated 7Dec18
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