Philatelic Supplies lists these items for Grenadines of Grenada
Gren.Grenadines 1978 W.W.F. (7v): Audubon's Shearwater;Semi-palmated Plover;SG294-300;Cat.$18 9.75
Gren.Grenadines 1985 1st Audubon (4v): Blue-winged Teal; White Ibis; Kite; Moorhen 10.90
Gren.Grenadines 1985 1st Audubon MS649: Mangrove Cuckoo souvenir sheet 4.50
Gren.Grenadines 1986 2nd Audubon(4v):Louisiana & Black Crown Night Herons;Bittern;Glossy Ibis 9.50
Gren.Grenadines 1990 B.(8v): Yellow-bellied Seedeater;Grackle;Swift;Vireo;Elaenia;SG1267-74 10.95
Gren.Grenadines 1990 B. MS1275: Mangrove Cuckoo;Scaly breasted Thrasher 2 souvenir sheets 9.50
Gren.Grenadines 1992 Hummingbirds (8v): Blue-headed & Rufous-breasted;Purple-throat SG1501-08 12.25
Gren.Grenadines 1993 Songbirds (12v shtlt): Common Grackle; Swallow Tanager; Saltator; Corn & Black-headed Buntings; Plush-capped Finch; Royal Flycatcher; SG1640-51 12.75
Gren.Grenadines 1994 Murillo MS1867b: "Holy Family with Little Bird" souvenir sheet 3.50
Gren.Grenadines 1995 Waterbirds (8v + 8v shtlt): Great Blue Heron; Jamaican Tody; Perrot; Stripe headed Tanager; Ringed Kingfisher; Pintail Duck; Stilt; SG1999-14 14.75
Gren.Grenadines 2000 B.(34v=4v+4Xshtlts) Green-throated Carib; Scarlet Tanager; Carib. Coot Red-collared Lorikeet; Orange-winged P.; Common Moorhen; Puerto Rican Emerald; Green Mango; Turquoise Parak; Scarlet-chested; SG2851-84 32.50
Gren.Grenadines 2001 Waterbirds (6v shtlt): Falklands Steamer; Muscovy Ducks; SG3296-01 5.90
Gren.Grenadines 2001 Fauna (16v=4v+2x6v shtlts; 5 birds; Keel-billed/Red Breasted Toucans; Cuban Pygmy Owl;Bee Hummingbird;Flamingo;(+ Ocelot etc.) SG3268-83 18.20
Gren.Grenadines 2002 Ecotourism MS3560(6v shtlt; one Ringed Kingfisher; others non-bird 6.25
Gren.Grenadines 2002 Ecotourism MS3561: Antillean Euphonia souvenir sheet 3.50
Gren.Grenadines 2003 B.(8v=4v+4v shtlt):Rose-breasted & Blue Grosbeaks; Bullocks Oriole 6.95
Gren.Grenadines 2005 Hurricane/Ecotourism (6v shtlt MS3560; one bird Ringed Kingfisher 5.30
Gren.Grenadines 2005 Hurricane on Ecotourism MS3561: Antillean Euphonia souvenir sheet 3.40
Gren.Grenadines 2007 B.(8v=4v+4v shtlt)Hooded Warbler;N.Flicker;Honeycreeper;SG3866-72+7 7.75
Gren.Grenadines 2007 Caribbean Birds MS3878a: White-winged Parakeet souvenir sheet 2.75
Gren.Grenadines 2007 B.(2nd 4v shtlt)Caspian Tern;Scarlet Tanager;N.Hawk;Osprey;SG3873-6 4.50
Gren.Grenadines 2007 Caribbean Birds MS3878b: Blackpoll Warbler souvenir sheet 2.65
Gren.Grenadines 2007 Caribbean Birds MS3878c: Yellow Green Vireo souvenir sheet 2.70
Gren.Grenadines 2007 Royal Penguins (6v shtlt)MS3907: 6.25
Gren.Grenadines 2011 Birds (8v=2 x 4v shtlts)MS4075-6: Belted Kingfisher; Green Heron; Semi-palmated Plover; Grosbeak; Osprey; Scarlet Tanager 11.50
Gren.Grenadines 2011 Birds MS4077-8: Merlin & Rose-breasted Grosbeak 2 souvenir sheets 7.50
Gren.Grenadines 2013 B. 1st (3v shtlt)MS4120:Red-Bill Tropicbird;Scarlet Ibis;Sandpiper 7.65
Gren.Grenadines 2013 Bird 1st MS4122: Purple Gallinule souvenir sheet 5.75
Gren.Grenadines 2013 Birds 2nd (3v shtlt)MS4121:Amer.White Ibis;Swallowtailed Kite;Sora 7.70
Gren.Grenadines 2013 Bird 2nd MS4123: Tree Swallow souvenir sheet 5.80
Gren.Grenadines 2015 Birds (4v shtlt): Purple-throat Carib;Gren.Flycatcher;L.Ant.Tanager 8.25
Gren.Grenadines 2015 Birds SS: Grenada Dove souvenir sheet 6.50
Gren.Grenadines 2016 Birds+crabs(6v shtlt)Great Blue & Yellow-crown Herons;Glossy Ibis 13.50
Gren.Grenadines 2017 Barn Owls (4v shtlt): Tyto alba 21.50
Gren.Grenadines 2017 Osprey (4v shtlt): Pandion haliaetus 18.70
Gren.Grenadines 2017 Broad-winged Hawk (4v shtlt): Buteo pltypterus 21.75
List dated 7Dec18
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