Philatelic Supplies lists these items for Guernsey
Guernsey 1999 Herring Gulls (1v):SG836; this one has gone unnoticed by most collectors 1.15
Guernsey 2001 B.(4v) Kingfisher; Garganey; Little Egret; Little Ringed Plover; SG891-4 2.70
Guernsey 2001 Guernsey Post" (6v): one bird - Ruby-throated Hummingbird SG921-6 4.80
Guernsey 2006 Ramsar Wetland (6v): Oyster Catcher; (+ shells; Blenny; etc.) SG1123-8 5.50
Guernsey 2008 Sark Ramsar Nature Reserve (6v; one value is Northern Fulmar; SG1199-04 5.70
Guernsey 2011 Macaw (1 value; only bird from the Literary set): SG1387 1.50
Guernsey 2016 Endangered Species MS1602: Philippine Eagle souvenir sheet 5.90
Guernsey 2016 Post Crossing (2v): silhouetted Tern; fish; map; butterfly; SG1615-6 2.70
Guernsey 2016 Ramsar Herm Island Fauna (6v):Common Tern; Burnet Rose; shells; G1617-22 7.25
Guernsey 2016 Common Tern value only from above Ramsar issue(1v): SG1621 1.75
Guernsey 2016 Ramsar Herm Is. Fauna (6v shtlt)MS1623: Common Tern; above designs 7.30
Guernsey 2017 W.W.F. Meadow Pipits (4v shtlt)MS1655 4.55
Guernsey 2017 W.W.F. Pipits (8v shtlt)MS1656: sheetlet of 2 sets 8.90
Guernsey 2017 W.W.F. Pipits(10 sets 40v= 4x10v sheetlets;1 sheetlet for each SG1651-4 45.00
Guernsey 2017 W.W.F. Pipits (4v) from large 10 set sheetlets above; SG1651-4 4.50
List dated 7/1/19
Prices in GB Pounds

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