Philatelic Supplies lists these items for Hong Kong
Hong Kong 2003 Birds (4v): Great Crested & Horned Grebes; Pied Avocet; Loon; SG1186-9 2.75
Hong Kong 2003 Birds (4v shtlt bklt pane): above designs; Arctic Loon; SG1186a 2.80
Hong Kong 2003 Birds (8v= 2 X 4v shtlt booklet pane above); Grebes; Loon; Pied Avocet 5.50
Hong Kong 2005 Year of the Rooster (4v): SG1292-5 3.25
Hong Kong 2005 Year of the Rooster (4v shtlt)MS1296a: four values as above 3.80
Hong Kong 2006 Definitives booklet SGSB59 (12v to $5 in pane): Spoonbill;SB59;SG1398a 9.90
Hong Kong 2006 Defs bklet stamps (4v):Snipe; Bulbul; Rose Tern;Sunbird;SG1402a;3a;6a;8a 5.50
Hong Kong 2009 Museum pieces (6v: one has birds; SG1546-51 4.25
Hong Kong 2009 Museum pieces (6v shtlt MS1552: as above one has birds 4.30
Hong Kong 2010 Wagtail Prof. Kao MS1416 souvenir booklet (includes fibre optic cable!) 12.95
Hong Kong 2013 Inclusive Arts(4v): one is Purple-tailed Imperial Pigeon; SG1819-22 3.40
Hong Kong 2013 Inclusive Arts(4v shtlt)MS1823:one is Purple-tailed Imperial Pigeon 4.45
List dated 7Dec18
Prices in GB Pounds

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