Philatelic Supplies lists these items for Isle of Man
Isle of Man 1991 Photography SG464-8 (5v; contains one value - Herring Gulls SG468 2.90
Isle of Man 1997 Mallard & Little Grebe (Dabchick) (2v): SG732-3 2.25
Isle of Man 2006 B.(10v): Manx Shearwater; Puffin; Per.Falcon; Chough; Whinchat; Grey Wagtail; Hen Harrier; Wren; Guillemot; Goldcrest; SG1284-93 5.50
Isle of Man 2006 BELGICA(10v shtlt)MS1331:above designs Manx Shearwater;Per.Falcon 5.45
Isle of Man 2009 Barn Owl (1 value) from Countryfile set; SG1538 1.95
Isle of Man 2009 Ring-necked Pheasant (1 value) from Countryfile set; SG1537 1.20
Isle of Man 2010 Raven - on an Isle of Man 1709 Coin (1v): SG1603 0.95
Isle of Man 2011 Winter B.(6v): Robin;Redwing;Tit;Goldfinch;Siskin; Waxwing; SG1698-03 8.95
Isle of Man 2011 Winter Bird (1v): Siskin SG1701a; (perf variety p.12.5 X 13) 1.70
Isle of Man 2011 Winter Birds (2v): Robin; Redwing self-adhesives SG1704-5 1.50
Isle of Man 2013 Raven & Peregrine Falcon (1 value): SG1817 1.75
Isle of Man 2013 Manx Shearwaters (1v) 1973 Stamp on stamp newspaper headlines; SG1847 1.70
Isle of Man 2013 A Journey Through Africa (4v shtlt) MS1858: Egrets + Rhino; (+ mmls 5.75
Isle of Man 2013 European Robin (1 value): Christmas £1.08 value; SG1862 2.25
Isle of Man 2015 W.L.Park(6v)Humboldt Penguin;Waldrapp Ibis;Red Panda;Lemur;SG2017-22 12.50
Isle of Man 2015 Birds (2v): Waldrapp Ibis & Humboldt Penguin from above set;SG2017;20 4.50
Isle of Man 2016 Birds (10v): stylized; Tawny Owl; Robin; Hobby; Puffin; Blue Tit; Manx Shearwater; Pheasant; Goldfinch; Cormorant; Starling; SG2086-95 11.25
Isle of Man 2017 Birds (6v): Eurasian Oystercatcher; Little Tern; Common Eider; Northern Fulmar; Black Guillemot; Razorbill 11.95
Isle of Man 2017 Twelve Days of Christmas (12v): Swans; French Hens; Geese; Partridge; Turtle Doves; SG2247-48 11.15
List dated 7/1/19
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