Philatelic Supplies lists these items for Italy
Italy 2001 B.(2v): White Stork; Fish Eagle; Cinereous Vulture; SG2667-8 2.20
Italy 2010 Tourism (1v): bird on ledge probably pigeon (?) 1.65
Italy 2011 Emilio Salgari 1862-1911 (1v): + European Herring Gull; SG3332 1.75
Italy 2011 EUROPA Forests (2v): Hummingbird; Fungi; trees; Squirrel; SG3334-5 3.30
Italy 2013 Birds of the Alps (5v strip): Boreal Owl; Rock Ptarmigan; Bearded Vulture Grey-headed Woodpecker; Western Capercaillie; SG3534-8 8.95
Italy 2013 Birds of the Alps (5v strip): as above designs but fine used 5.50
Italy 2015 Golden Eagle (1v): from The Great War Liberation; SG3692 2.75
Italy 2015 Hoopoe (1v): Upapa epops from Filatelie issue 2.70
List dated Nov 2018
Prices in GB Pounds

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