Philatelic Supplies lists these items for Jersey
Jersey 1995 Greetings (9v):one Parrot; one stylised Dove; Chick;(+ pig;) SG684-92 3.95
Jersey 1997 Defs.(32v): Red-breasted Merganser; Dunlin; Redshank; Shag; Godwit; Curlew; Sanderling;Sandwich;Turnstone; Avocet; Razorbill; Grey Heron; Gannet;Rock Pippit; Grey Ringed/Golden Plovers; Cormorant; SG774-805; was £21.45 19.90
Jersey 1997 Defins.(32v in four sheetlets MS806; designs as above; was £22.50 20.50
Jersey 2001 Birds of Prey M1005: Barn Owls souvenir sheet 3.25
Jersey 2003 Off-shore Islands (5v; five value strip one has Herring Gull; SG1107-11 2.70
Jersey 2004 Ducks/Swans (6v):Eurasian Teal;Mute/Black Swans;Pochard;Wigeon;SG1136-41 5.30
Jersey 2004 W.W.F. (4v): one is Dartford Warbler SG1158-61 3.90
Jersey 2004 W.W.F. (8v shtlt = 2 x above set)MS1162: includes 2 x Dartford Warbler 7.90
Jersey 2011 B.(6v): Southern Flycatcher; Cuckoo; Whitethroat; Linnet; Swift; Barn Swallow (6v shtlt)MS1590: + birds border 8.75
Jersey 2011 75th Anniv.Conservation(6v): Hen Harrier; Puffin; Dartford Warbler; (+ Swallowtail butterfly; etc.); SG1599-04 7.05
Jersey 2012 B. (6v shtlt)MS1687:as above; Yellowhammer;Serin;Stonechat;Cirl Bunting 9.50
Jersey 2012 B. (3v shtlt)MS1688: Cirl Bunting; Bullfinch; Serin 5.20
Jersey 2015 Fauna Post & Go stamps (6v): Barn Owl; Puffin; (+ Squirrel;Lizard;Frog) 7.75
Jersey 2016 China joint Waterfowl (6v):Tufted; Smew; North Pintail;Mallard;SG2095-00 5.60
Jersey 2016 China joint issue Waterfowl (2v shtlt)MS2101:Mandarin; Common Shelduck 2.50
Jersey 2017 Darwin Initiative (6v): Mangrove Finch; (+ Pygmy Hog;Solenodon;Bat etc 8.75
Jersey 2017 Darwin Initiative (60v; 10 x each value in 6 sheetlets of 10v per sheet): Mangrove Finch; Pygmy Hog; Livingstone's Fruit Bat; Telfair's Skink; Solenodon; AS ABOVE BUT reduced price from £87.50 78.00
Jersey 2017 Mangrove Finch (1v): only bird stamp from the Darwin Initiative 1.40
Jersey 2018 Tawny Owl (1v): one bird value from JRSPB 6.50
Jersey 2018 China Links(6v): Chough; Yellowhammer; Stonechat; Linnet; Goldfinch; SG2294-9 5.95
Jersey 2018 Links with China (6v shtlt)MS2300: Red-billed Chough; Barn Swallow; as above 5.97
Jersey 2018 Links with China (2v shtlt)MS2301: Red-billed Chough; Stonechat 1.95
List dated Nov 2018
Prices in GB Pounds

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