Philatelic Supplies lists these items for Palau
Palau 1994 Large Seabirds (4v): Brown; Red-foot Boobies; Cormorant; SG677-80 3.25
Palau 1995 Marinelife (4v):includes one Australian Pelican; (+ dolphin etc SG918-21 2.50
Palau 2000 B. (12v=2X6v shtlts): Scops Owl; Fantail; Ground Dove; Flycatcher;Banded Crake; Micro Kingfisher Scott #553/4; SG1611-22 8.50
Palau 2000 Fauna (6v shtlt): one Little Kingfisher; (+ mammals) SGMS1778a 5.45
Palau 2001 Birds defs (22v to $10:Common Tern;Grey-backed White-eye;Ruddy Turnstone; Barn Swallow;White-collared Kingfisher;Sulphur Crested Cockatoo;SG1869-90 57.50
Palau 2003 Birds defs (2v): $0.26 Whistler and $0.37 White-eye; SG1879a;b 2.20
Palau 2006 Birds defs (2v): 24c Black Oystercatcher/39ct Gt.Blue Heron;SG2151-2 2.50
Palau 2007 Endemic (6v shtlt): Palau Owl; Rusty Capped Kingfisher; Doves;SG2268-73 5.80
Palau 2014 Seabirds (12v in 2 shtlts): Black-tailed;Ring-billed + Great Black-backed Gulls; European herring Gull; Lesser & Great Black-backed Gulls 18.95
Palau 2014 Owls (4v shtlt): Indian Scops; Buffy-Fish; Morepork 8.50
Palau 2014 Owls SS: Ural Owl souvenir sheet 5.70
Palau 2014 Owls SS: Short-eared Owl souvenir sheet 7.50
Palau 2015 Birds (6v shtlt): Eclectus Parrot; Whiskered Tern; Brahminy+Black Kites 6.70
Palau 2015 Birds SS: Sulphur-crested Cockatoo souvenir sheet 6.80
Palau 2016 Rare Birds (4v shtlt): Palau Flycatcher; Palau Fantail; Dusky White-eye Giant White-eye 11.90
Palau 2016 Rare Birds SS: Palau Fruit Dove souvenir sheet 9.90
Palau 2017 Colorful Birds (3v shtlt): Atlantic Puffin; Nicobar Pigeon; Lilac-breasted Roller 14.50
Palau 2017 Colorful Birds (6v shtlt): Red Bird of Paradise; Bali Myna Sulfur-crested Cockatoo; Bluethroat; N.Cardinal; Robin 17.90
List dated June 2018
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