Philatelic Supplies lists these items for Philippines
Philippines 1995 Philippines Eagle MS2761: Eagle souvenir sheet; Cat.£13 5.50
Philippines 1995 Asean - Flora/Fauna (2v): Phil. Eagle; bflies; insects; SG2762-3 1.75
Philippines 1999 B.(8v): Asiatic Dowitcher; Whimbrel; Stilt; Greater Crested & Common Terns; Reef & Green-backed Herons; Ruddy Turnstone; SG3219-26; Cat.£9 4.90
Philippines 1999 B. Australia EXPO (2v shtlt): Spotted Greenshank; Tufted Duck 3.50
Philippines 2004 W.W.F. Owls(4v) Negros & Giant Scops; West Visayan Hawk; SG3719-22 3.45
Philippines 2008 B. with "2008" imprints complete set very scarce (21v): to $P100 complete; Black-naped Oriole; Blue-backed Azure-rumped/Blue-naped Great-billed Parrots; Asian Fairy Bluebird; Crimson Sunbird; Mindanao Bleeding Heart; Nicobar Pigeon; Fruit 35.00
Philippines 2008 B. with "2008A" imprints complete set scarce (9v) to $100; P.Eagles; Oriole; Pitta; Bluebird; Parrots; SG3990aa-4022aa 17.50
Philippines 2008 B. with "2008B" imprints complete set (2v): $P1 & $P2; SG3990ab/91ab 1.75
Philippines 2009 Owls "2009"imp(4v):$P24 Luzon/Phil.Scops;P.Eagle;Spotted Wood;SG4012b-e 5.90
Philippines 2009 B. "2009A" imprint (29v):$P1 Mugimaki & $P2 Narcissus $P3 Mountain Verditer Flycatchers; $P4 Blue Rock-thrush; $P5 Brown Shrike; $P7 x 10v Sunbirds $P8 Apo Myna;$P20 Flowerpeckers;$P26 Tailorbirds;$P100 P.Hawk-Eagle;etc. 27.95
Philippines 2009 Owls "2009A" imprint (4v):$P24 Luzon/Phil.Scops;P.Eagle;Wood;SG4012f-I 6.15
Philippines 2009 B. with "2009B" imprints (15v complete): $P1-$100 with Hawk Eagle; $P10 Raquetail;$P26 Tailorbirds;P$3 Mountain Verditer Flycatcher; $P4 Blue Rock-Thrush; P$17 Common Flameback; SG3990d-4023b 20.80
Philippines 2009 B. definitives "2009C" imprint (10v complete): $P1 Mugimaki Flycatcher; $P50;$P100 Eagles; $P2;3;4;5;8;9;17;SG3991da;SG4005ca;4021c;SG4023c;etc 12.25
Philippines 2009 B. definitives "2009D" definitives P$50 & P$100 (2v): Grey-headed Fish Eagle and Philippine Hawk Eagle; SG4021d;SG4023d 9.50
Philippines 2009 B. definitives "2009D" imprint (1v): $P9 Crested Serpent Eagle;SG4006cb 0.90
Philippines 2011 Davo City (4v): one is head of a Philippines Eagle; SG4549-52 2.95
Philippines 2015 Fauna (4v shtlt): Cebu Flowerpecker; (+ Pangolin; Purple Crab; Lizard 8.90
List dated 7/1/19
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