Philatelic Supplies lists these items for Pitcairn Islands
Pitcairn 1998 Year Ocean (4v: Murphy's Petrel; (+ reef fish etc. SG539-42 4.20
Pitcairn 1998 Year Ocean MS543:(4v sheetlet: Murphy's Petrel; etc. 4.25
Pitcairn 2004 Scenic Views (4v): one is a Red-tailed Tropicbird SG664-7; Cat.£13 5.50
Pitcairn 2004 Murphy's Petrels (5v): Pterodroma ultima; SG674-8 5.15
Pitcairn 2004 Murphy's Petrels (5v shtlt) MS979: designs as above 5.20
Pitcairn 2005 Bristle-thighed Curlew (5v): Numenius tahitiensis; SG694-8 6.25
Pitcairn 2005 Bristle-thighed Curlew (5v shtlt;MS699 + border design; Numenius tahit. 6.30
Pitcairn 2006 Henderson Is. Cave Dwellers (4v shtlt)MS720: beach scene with seabirds 4.65
Pitcairn 2007 W.W.F.Seabirds (4v): Blue-grey Turnlet; Black & Brown Noddys; SG724-7 5.90
Pitcairn 2009 Darwin (4v):one has Woodpecker/Warbler/Ground Finches;(+Darwin)SG784-7 6.90
Pitcairn 2011 Rare Birds(5v):Henderson Is Reed Warbler;Petrel;Crake & Lorikeet;SG831-5 9.95
Pitcairn 2014 Albatrosses (3v shtlt)MS899: Black-browed; Wandering & Buller's 7.95
Pitcairn 2016 W.W.F. Phoenix Petrel (4v strip): SG963-6 7.95
Pitcairn 2016 W.W.F. Phoenix Petrel (8v shtlt)MS967: two sets of above; diff format 15.90
List dated October 2018
Prices in GB Pounds

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