Philatelic Supplies lists these items for Tanzania
Tanzania 1992 Birds (7v): Superb Starling; Grey-headed & Common Kingfishers; 4-color Bushshrike; Yellow-billed Oxpecker; Golden Bishop; SG1353-9 4.50
Tanzania 1996 B.(16v=2x8v shtlts): Cape Eagle Owl; Fulvous Whistling Duck; Palmnut Vulture; Golden; Spilornis rufipectus Scott#1486-7 27.95
Tanzania 1996 B.SS: Afr Paradise Flycatcher only souvenir sheet Scott#1488 6.95
Tanzania 1998 End.Species SS: Emerald Tanager & Golden Tanager; Scott#1694 9.30
Tanzania 1998 Hawk on R.A.F. issue souvenir sheet; Scott#1769 5.25
Tanzania 1999 B.(12v=2X6v shtlts): Snowy Plover; Crowned Lapwing; Yellow-billed Stork;Horned Puffins; Blue Herons; Ibis; Flamingo; Scott#1792-3 16.90
Tanzania 1999 Birds 2SS: Black-Crowned Night/Purple Herons souv/sheets;Scott#1796 & 98 16.50
Tanzania 1999 B.(12v=2X6v shtlts): Sandhill Crane; Gt.Egret; Willet; Blacksmith Plover; Brolga Crane; Green-backed Heron; Scott#1794-5 18.50
Tanzania 1999 Birds SS: Black-headed Heron souvenir sheet; Scott#1799 8.50
Tanzania 1999 End.Species (29v=9v+20v shtlt):9 birds;And.Condor;Imp.Parrot+Woodpecker; Cabot's Tragopan; Atitlan Grebe; Penguin;(+ 9 types Tigers;Scott#1897-8 19.90
Tanzania 1999 End.Species SS: Grenada Dove souvenir sheet; Scott#1901 6.95
Tanzania 1999 Seabirds 2SS: Emperor & King Penguins souvenir sheet; Scott#1977-8 10.55
Tanzania 2003 Overprints (1v): 250/- opt. on 40/- Lesser Flamingo; SG2325 2.25
Tanzania 2004 Birds SS: Grey-crowned Crane souvenir sheet 3.15
Tanzania 2008 Bot.Gardens (10v+SS):Denham's Bustard;Shoebill;(+ bfly;SG2666-9+MS2670-1 8.50
Tanzania 2011 B.(8v=2 x shtlts): Grey/Senegal Parrots; Yellow-rumped Tinkerbird; Pied Crow; Ground Woodpecker; Roller; S.Masked Weaver; Honeyguide; Scott#2636-7 13.25
Tanzania 2011 B.(2SS):White-headed Mousebird;Black-collared Barbet two souvenir sheets 7.50
Tanzania 2012 Ceramics (4v shtlt): one has birds + panel with birds; Scott#2674 6.25
Tanzania 2013 Sunb.(4v shtlt):Scarlet Tufted;Anchieta's;Collared;Olive; Scott#2727 8.50
Tanzania 2013 Sunbirds SS: Nile Valley Sunbird souvenir sheet Scott#2728 on reorder
Tanzania 2015 Ibises (7v=2v+5v shtlts):Hadada;African Sacred;Glossy & Olive Ibises 11.95
Tanzania 2015 B.(6v shtlt):Fischer's Lovebird;Yellow-billed Stork;Af.Jacana;Stork;Ruff 10.90
Tanzania 2015 Birds SS: Lilac-breasted Roller souvenir sheet 5.50
Tanzania 2015 B.(3v shtlt):Less Masked Weaver; Saddle-bill Stork;S.Yellow-bill Hornbill 4.95
Tanzania 2015 Birds of Africa SS: Crowned Lapwing souvenir sheet 5.05
Tanzania 2015 Grey Crowned Cranes (6v in 2 shtlts): 11.90
Tanzania 2015 Birds (3v shtlt): Superb Starling; Lilac-breast Roller 5.30
Tanzania 2015 Birds SS: Lesser Masked Weaver souvenir sheet 5.20
List dated June 2018
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