Philatelic Supplies lists these items for Tonga
Tonga 2001 Mangrove Swamps (5v): Reef Heron; Black Duck; SG1492-6 3.85
Tonga 2001 Mangrove Swamps (5v sheetlet): MS1497 Reef Heron; Black Duck 3.90
Tonga 2002 Red Shining Parrots - National Park (4v): SG1571-4; Cat.£6.00 3.50
Tonga 2012 Defins (12v): Red Shining Parrot; Spotbill Duck; Collared Kingfisher;Swamp Harrier; Barn Owl; Spotted Triller; Carunculated Honeyeater; SG1624-35 32.50
Tonga 2012 Defs (12v shtlt)MS1636:Grey-necked Wood Rail; Parrot etc. designs above 32.75
Tonga 2013 Defins II (12v): Collared Kingfisher; Polynesian Starling; Blue-crowned Lorikeet; Red Shining Parrot; Spotted Triller;Spotless Crake; Carunculated Honeyeater;Great Frigatebird;Red-foot Booby;Red-tail Tr-bird;SG1677-88 34.50
Tonga 2014 Defs.III(3v):W.Barn Owl;Blue-crowned Lorikeet;Buff Banded Rail;SG1756-8 49.50
Tonga 2017 Eua National Park (4v): two have the Red Shining Parrot 18.25
Tonga 2017 Eua National Park SS: Red Shining Parrot souvenir sheet 8.80
List dated June 2018
Prices in GB Pounds

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