Philatelic Supplies lists these items for Tristan da Cunha
Tristan 1988 Handicrafts (4v): one has a Rockhopper Penguin painted egg; SG448-51 1.95
Tristan 1988 Definitives paintings (12v):incl.Yellow-nosed Albatross SG465;(SG461-72) 9.95
Tristan 1989 Gough Island (5v): Hall's Giant Petrel;G.I.Coot;Finch;Albatross;SG473-7 3.95
Tristan 1999 W.W.F. (4v): Wandering Albatross; SG651-4 1.70
Tristan 1999 Albatross above (strip of 4v) watermark inverted; SG654a 1.75
Tristan 1999 Albatross sheetlet error with two logos on one value; SG654w; (The stamp with the double logo is second row; fourth stamp 19.50
Tristan 2003 Yellow-nosed Albatrosses MS774 (5v shtlt) 4.60
Tristan 2006 Stoltenhoff Island (5v: one bird - Brown Skua;(+ Beaked Whale;)SG866-70 4.90
Tristan 2007 Birds (6v shtlt) MS883: Greater Shearwater - Puffinus gravis 6.75
Tristan 2010 Conservation defs (12v):Wandering + Atlantic Yellow-nose Albatrosses; Inaccess.Is. Rail; Gough Finch; N.Rockhopper Penguin; flora SG993-1004 22.75
Tristan 2013 W.W.F. Tristan Albatross (4v strip): SG1063ab: coloured borders 4.95
Tristan 2013 Tristan Albatross (4v): as above but stamps have white border SG1063-6 4.90
Tristan 2013 Tristan Albatross MS1067 : Diomedea dabbenena different souvenir sheet 7.50
Tristan 2014 Finches (4v): N.Bunting; Gough Is.; Wilkin's Dunn's Finch; SG1100-3 5.40
Tristan 2014 Cape Petrels on masted vessel stamp from Augustus Earle issue (1v):SG1107 1.90
Tristan 2016 Biodiversity I(6v):Antarctic Tern;Tristan Thrush;etc.;SG1180;2;4;6;8;90 8.60
Tristan 2016 Biodiversity I Birds only from above (2v): Tern; Tristan Thrush;SG1186;8 3.25
Tristan 2016 Biodiversity II(6v)Inaccessible Rail;Spectacled Petrel;SG1081;3;5;7;9;91 8.50
Tristan 2016 Biodiversity II (6v): Inaccessible Rail; Spectacled Petrel; SG1189;91 6.50
Tristan 2017 W.W.F. Northern Rockhopper Penguins (4v): SG1209-12 8.50
Tristan 2017 W.W.F. Northern Rockhopper Penguins (4v shtlt)MS1213: designs as above 8.60
Tristan 2018 Migratory Species (4v): Atlantic Yellow-nosed Albatross Great Shearwater 6.90
List dated Nov 2018
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