Philatelic Supplies lists these items for Turks and Caicos Islands
Turks 1990 B.(8v): Striped Tanager; Vireo; Oystercatcher; Stilt; Scaup; SG1050-7 11.25
Turks 1995 Defs.(15v): Wilson's Plover; Thick-billed Vireo; Barn Owl; Clapper Rail; Belted Kingfisher; American Redstart; Roseate Tern; Blue-winged Teal; Reddish Egret complete to $10; SG1330-42 55.00
Turks 2003 CARICOM (1v): Caribbean Flamingo; SG1799 1.20
List dated October 2018
Prices in GB Pounds

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