Philatelic Supplies lists these items for Zambia
Zambia 1977 Birds(6v): Grimwood's Longclaw; Shelley's Sunbird; Locust Finch; SG262-7 3.95
Zambia 1982 Scouts (4v): one has African Fish Eagle; SG365-8 3.60
Zambia 1982 Scouts MS369: designs as above - one has African Fish Eagle 3.75
Zambia 1998 Parrots & Parakeets (12v=2x6v shtlt): Rainbow Lorikeet; Blue-yellow Macaw; Golden Conure; Sulphur-crested Cockatoo; Blue-crowned Parrot; Budgerigar; Pale-headed & Northern Rosellas; Cockatoos; Scott#735-6 15.50
Zambia 1998 Parrots 2SS:Mulda parakeet & Major Mitchell 2 souvenir sheets;Scott#737-8 9.90
Zambia 1999 Defins (16v): Sacred Ibis; Blacksmith Plover; Darter; Af.Skimmer Spoonbill & Finfoot; Glossy Ibis; Blackwinged Stilt; Pelican; Purple Swamphen; Hammerkop; Spur-winged Goose; SG794-809 10.50
Zambia 2000 Birds (3SS): Red-crested Pochard; Toco Toucan & Blue & Yellow Macaw; Scott#889-91: 3 souvenir sheets 8.90
Zambia 2003 Bee-Eaters new values (4v): Little; Boehm's; White-fronted; SG891-4 3.70
Zambia 2013 K1.50 overprint (1v) Little Bee-Eater K1.50 on K1;200; SG1091 1.30
Zambia 2013 Birds both K2.50 overprints (2v): Ibis on K2;500 on B stamp; K2.50 Blacksmith Plover on K2;500 on "A" stamp obliterated; SG1095-6 2.90
Zambia 2014 K1.50 opts (5v) on 2 Boehm's Bee-Eaters - one with bars shifted to left; K2.50 Blacksmith Plover & Sacred Ibis;K4.95Purple Gallinule;SG1125-7+1131 5.75
List dated Nov 2018
Prices in GB Pounds

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