Natural Resources of Colombia 2002

(Click on each stamp to see an enlargement and details of the birds)

After the single-stamp Los Katios issue, designed by Cesar Landazabal, which featured 4 bird species, this masterpiece by the same designer shows at least 20 species. Unfortunately, 3 of the Los Katios birds are included on this sheet.

I have attempted to identify the birds but some identifications are tentative. I have left a few as unidentified: one on "B", 2 on "E" and 1 on "F". I would appreciate help with identifying these and also views about some of my tentative identifications.

Update 14 May, 2002: Kjell Scharning has found three on the unidentified birds, two on "E" and one on "F".

Update 15 June, 2020: My correspondent in Colombia has consulted Cesar Landazabal who provided a copy of his artwork for "B" and who confirmed that the partially hidden parrot is Indigo-winged Parrot (Hapalopsittaca fuertesi).

Added 9 May, 2002