Identification Queries
Stamps with unidentified birds
Maldives  2014 Seabird
Bhutan  1999 Laughingthrush
Guinea  2012 Schweitzer
Newfoundland  1897 Ptarmigan
Georgia  1996 Birds of Prey
Botswana  2005 WWF
Niue  1971 Triller
Russia  1997 Definitive
Kyrgyzstan  WWF 2009
Zambia  Kudu with Oxpeckers
Portugal  Darwin MS
Samoa  Water is Life 1996
Honduras  Ornate Hawk-Eagle's Prey
Netherlands  Crane 2006
Kyrgyzstan  Falcons
Cabinda  Interesting item from Cabinda
Mexico  Identification of birds on the 1996 Wildlife Sheet
Congo  Request for information
Venezuela  Inparques sheet 2004
Nigeria  Crown Birds
Namibia  Bird of Prey on Elephants 2002
Netherlands  Woodland Fauna 2004
Tunisia  Parks 2003
Uganda  Oxpecker 1991
Georgia  Wildlife 1995
France  Rough-leg's Prey
Djibouti  Bustard: Mistaken Identity
New Zealand  River Terns
Uruguay  Monk Parakeets
Togo  Montagu's Harriers
Poland  National Parks 1976
Peru  Inca Tern 2002
Mexico  Conservation 2002
Colombia  Natural Resources 2002
Tropicbirds  A few errors
Egypt  Birds 2002
Lithuania  Christmas 2001
Iran  Query on 300R definitive
St Pierre et Miquelon  1987 Ducks
São Tomé e Príncipe  25th Anniversary of Independence
Mauritania  4 Stamps issued in 1994
Egypt  Swallows of 1994
Uzbekistan  MS Bird of Prey
Manx Shearwater  Review of my stamps
Surinam  Query about Bird of Prey
Ivory Coast  Green Pigeon, 1999
Tonga  Seabirds on SG 1339 featuring the tail of a Hump-backed Whale
Moldova  Presentation of small bird images on Europa 1999
Burundi  Query about Owls
Barbados  Query about Golden Plovers
Turkey  Birds of Prey set of 5 stamps issued in 1967
China  Query about Bubo Owl issued in 1995
Madagascar  Owl called "Hanka" issued in 1999
Philippines  National Bird "Maya" issued in 1994
Turkey  Pair showing Owls issued in 1998
Central African Republic  "Buntings" on 140F issued in 1981
South Africa  "Red-bellied Malimbe" on 65c issued in 1992
El Salvador  "Wren" on 25c issued in 1990
Bahamas  Waders on recent National Trust issue
India  Crane on India 1974 50p
Mexico  Identification of birds on the 1998 Sealife sheet
 Identification of birds on the 1996 Wildlife Sheet
Nicaragua  Examination of birds on a pair issued in 1989
Rwanda  Second species of Ibis on the Sacred Ibis stamp of 1975 Solution
Uruguay  Birds on the Lighthouses set
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