New Zealand 1995 Environment Stamp with Terns
Backpackers on South Island - SG 1869
Black-fronted Tern

A keen-eyed correspondent in New Zealand sent me a few stamps showing small images of birds in the hope that I could add them to my collection and web site. Initially, I disregarded this stamp thinking that the terns could be one of several species. However, the scene is obviously intended to be on South Island with the peaks of the Southern Alps in the background. The endemic Black-fronted Tern (Sterna albostriata) is also known in New Zealand as the Inland Tern or Riverbed Tern. It is described in the Field Guide to the Birds of New Zealand (Falla, Sibson & Turbott, 1970) as "the common inland tern of the South Island".

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Added 19 July, 2003