Mayotte: Birds 2002

(Click on each stamp to see an enlargement)

Mayotte Sunbird (Cinnyris coquerellii)
Mayotte Sunbird
(Cinnyris coquerellii)
Mayotte Drongo (Dicrurus waldenii)
Mayotte Drongo
(Dicrurus waldenii)
Mayotte White-eye (Zosterops mayottensis)
Mayotte White-eye
(Zosterops mayottensis)
Red-headed Fody (Foudia eminentissima)
Red-headed Fody
(Foudia eminentissima)

Mayotte has three endemic species of birds. This set shows all three plus the Red-headed Fody which is found only on the Comoro islands and Mayotte (ss algondae). Some authorities split the Aldabra Fody, but Clements includes it as a subspecies of F. eminentissima (aldabrana).

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