Niger: Birds of Africa 2000

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Shoebill Red Bishop Golden-breasted Starling Trumpeter Hornbill Parasitic Weaver Crimson-breasted Gonolek
Sheet of 6 @ 225F
This sheet of 6 from Niger presented a similar problems to the sheet from Mali featured last month, because the names are given in French. Again, one particular web site provided the solution to the identification of these.

The first is obviously a Shoebill (Balaeniceps rex) and the next is Red Bishop (Euplectes orix). The third is called "Spreo royal" and is obviously one of the "glossy" starlings. The page for Starlings gives "Spréo royal" as being "Cosmopsarus regius" which Clements lists as "Lamprotornis regius".

The next, is found on the hornbill page and is an exact match, giving "Ceratogymna bucinator".

"Pseudocanari parasite" was not so straightforward. I could not find any reference to "Pseudocanari" but in the the French site, I found "parasite" occured on the Ploceidae page. This gives "Anomalospiza imberbis" named "Anomalospize parasite". I found a photograph of this species in Sinclair's Field Guide to the Birds of Southern Africa which looks very like the bird on th stamp.

Searching the French site for "Gonolek" produced Malaconotidae. Searching this page produced "Laniarius atrococcineus" as "Gonolek rouge et noir".

Added 3 January 2001

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