Philippines: Definitive Birds 2007

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Black-naped Oriole (Oriolus chinensis)
Black-naped Oriole
(Oriolus chinensis)
Asian Fairy-bluebird (Irena puella)
Asian Fairy-bluebird
(Irena puella)
Rufous Hornbill (Buceros hydrocorax)
Rufous Hornbill
(Buceros hydrocorax) *
Crimson Sunbird (Aethopyga siparaja)
Crimson Sunbird
(Aethopyga siparaja)
Barn Swallow (Hirundo rustica)
Barn Swallow
(Hirundo rustica)
Mindanao Bleeding-heart (Gallicolumba criniger)
Mindanao Bleeding-heart
(Gallicolumba criniger)
Nicobar Pigeon (Caloenas nicobarica)
Nicobar Pigeon
(Caloenas nicobarica)
Black-chinned Fruit-Dove (Ptilinopus leclancheri)
Black-chinned Fruit-Dove
(Ptilinopus leclancheri)
Metallic Pigeon (Columba vitiensis)
Metallic Pigeon
(Columba vitiensis)
Pink-necked Pigeon (Treron vernans)
Pink-necked Pigeon
(Treron vernans)
Amethyst Dove (Phapitreron amethystina)
Amethyst Dove
(Phapitreron amethystina)
Grey Imperial-Pigeon (Ducula pickeringii)
Grey Imperial-Pigeon
(Ducula pickeringii)
Red Collared-Dove (Streptopelia tranquebarica)
Red Collared-Dove
(Streptopelia tranquebarica)
Pied Imperial-Pigeon (Ducula bicolor)
Pied Imperial-Pigeon
(Ducula bicolor)
Spotted Imperial-Pigeon (Ducula carola)
Spotted Imperial-Pigeon
(Ducula carola)
Eurasian Hoopoe (Upupa epops)
Eurasian Hoopoe
(Upupa epops)
Short-eared Owl (Asio flammeus)
Short-eared Owl
(Asio flammeus)
Blue-winged Pitta (Pitta moluccensis)
Blue-winged Pitta
(Pitta moluccensis)
Variable Kingfisher (Ceyx lepidus)
Variable Kingfisher
(Ceyx lepidus)
Blue-capped Kingfisher (Actenoides hombroni)
Blue-capped Kingfisher
(Actenoides hombroni)
White-throated Kingfisher (Halcyon smyrnensis)
White-throated Kingfisher
(Halcyon smyrnensis)
Collared Kingfisher (Todirhamphus chloris)
Collared Kingfisher
(Todirhamphus chloris)
Green-faced Parrotfinch (Erythrura viridifacies)
Green-faced Parrotfinch
(Erythrura viridifacies)
Java Sparrow (Padda oryzivora)
Java Sparrow
(Padda oryzivora)
Yellow-breasted Bunting (Emberiza aureola)
Yellow-breasted Bunting
(Emberiza aureola)
White-cheeked Bullfinch (Pyrrhula leucogenis)
White-cheeked Bullfinch
(Pyrrhula leucogenis)
Great-billed Parrot (Tanygnathus megalorynchos)
Great-billed Parrot
(Tanygnathus megalorynchos)
Philippine Cockatoo (Cacatua haematuropygia)
Philippine Cockatoo
(Cacatua haematuropygia) *
Blue-naped Parrot (Tanygnathus lucionensis)
Blue-naped Parrot
(Tanygnathus lucionensis)
Azure-rumped Parrot (Tanygnathus sumatranus)
Azure-rumped Parrot
(Tanygnathus sumatranus)
Great Philippine Eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi)
Great Philippine Eagle
(Pithecophaga jefferyi) *
Great Philippine Eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi)
Great Philippine Eagle
(Pithecophaga jefferyi) *

This new series of bird stamps from the Philippines seemed to start with 3 stamps that made an initial appearance on Ebay. Further parts of the series were also offered by Philippine Ebay traders before they were available in the post offices there. So far, 32 stamps have been issued in the series, and there was a rumour of a final part to be issued early in 2008. In 2005/6, the Philippines issued a series of Butterfly stamps that resulted in 47 different species, and at least 29 minor redesigns, so perhaps we can expect more birds!

With the Philippines hosting such a high number of endemic bird species (marked *), it is not surprising that this new series has produced 10 new species for my collection. However, it is surprising, and disappointing, that several species which are rarely encountered in the Philippines are included. The illustrations seem to be almost all taken from MacKinnon's Guide to the Birds of the Philippines, and I suspect that some of the choices made were because the illustration in the book looked "nice". Also, the only error I have found may be caused by the chosen picture for Rufous Hornbill being close to the name "Writhed Hornbill". The Java Sparrow is an introduced species.

Update: 3 June 2008
The 1p, 2p, 4p and 10p stamps have been re-issued with the date changed to 2008. Also, a sheet of 14 stamps with the same designs as some of those above were issued to commemorate the Taipei Asian International Stamp Exhibition, but all with face value of 7 pesos.

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