Surinam: Birds 2006

(Click on each stamp to see an enlargement)

Reddish Hermit (Phaethornis ruber)
Reddish Hermit
(Phaethornis ruber)
Pale-tailed Barbthroat (Threnetes niger)
Pale-tailed Barbthroat
(Threnetes niger)
Nacunda Nighthawk (Podager nacunda)
Nacunda Nighthawk
(Podager nacunda)
Common Ground-Dove (Columbina passerina)
Common Ground-Dove
(Columbina passerina)
Grey-fronted Dove (Leptotila rufaxilla)
Grey-fronted Dove
(Leptotila rufaxilla)
Blue Ground-Dove (Claravis pretiosa)
Blue Ground-Dove
(Claravis pretiosa)
Grey-breasted Sabrewing (Campylopterus largipennis)
Grey-breasted Sabrewing
(Campylopterus largipennis)
Tropical Screech-Owl (Megascops choliba)
Tropical Screech-Owl
(Megascops choliba)
Ash-throated Crake (Porzana albicollis)
Ash-throated Crake
(Porzana albicollis)
Glittering-throated Emerald (Polyerata fimbriata)
Glittering-throated Emerald
(Polyerata fimbriata)
Mottled Owl (Ciccaba virgata)
Mottled Owl
(Ciccaba virgata)
Pauraque (Nyctidromus albicollis)
(Nyctidromus albicollis)

I first saw this set displayed on Herrick's web site after an email from a correspondent. It continues the annual series of splendid sets that started in 2001, and adds 6 new species to my collection. The two owl stamps are a disappointment: the 45c issue shows a mirror image of one issued in 2005, while image on the "Q" stamp would fit a vertical stamp better.

Added 6 June 2006

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